About the GMPR

Welcome to the online voice of the Global Motive Power Revolution!

Years ago, the founders of PNGinc developed a comprehensive 3-part program to fix the planet’s air quality problem. Our technologies are designed to clean the air & roll back climate change caused by out-of-control industrial processes. The technical solutions we have developed:

  • Clean the air
  • Get rid of urban pollution
  • Eliminate global warming
  • Create new global industries for the bottom half of the economic pyramid.

Our mandate, for the people of the planet, is to take back our lost oxygen. Our program will demonstrate how we can take steps forward into a space-age lifestyle while at the same time reclaiming our health.

This will take throttling back from greed consumptionism, especially in the USA. At this point, it would be better for the planet to see the global economy of the rich completely fall apart & start over with new energy systems & conservation. The rest of the world must bring on this economic collapse by producing & selling personal power & transportation products that deliver space-age benefits without the pollution or oxygen-consuming overhead.

Are you concerned about global health, air quality & a cleaner environment? Contact WorldKar Corporation if you are ready to make a long-term commitment to fixing these problems through new global industries.

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