Christian Socialism

As the world brings itself closer to the point of extinction, there is still time to repent – time to build a system of Christian socialism.

Our approach to global problems includes industrial strategies as well as educational, technical & lifestyle programs that work for those at the bottom of the pyramid. A Christian socialist economy is based on shared wealth & space-age industries that spring from powers of the universe: solar fusion energy.

In order to break free from dependence on the present greed-based society, you have to start at square one: God.

God is the source of empowerment, and he has provided all the tools you need to begin a self-sufficient, Christian lifestyle. The building blocks for Christian socialism are in your hands: sun, wind, water, renewable fire, and your own internal energy.

Jesus said you have to focus on changing yourself, becoming a new person. Once you make a connection with the power of the universe, you then become a power generator. The abundance of power you are given is more than enough, and it’s time to pull together with others into Christian socialist eco-villages.

Start today, even if you’re at the bottom, to build your stairway to heaven. We’re here to replace corporate greed with Christian sharing. Stop playing “musical job chairs” and create your own personal industries & a sharing eco-village.


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