Our largest oxygen reservoir is under attack by fossil fuel burning

The most catastrophic health disaster in man’s history is right around the corner. Man’s ever-increasing use of coal, NG & other fossil fuels is the major cause of ocean acidification.

Global Warming’s Evil Twin: Ocean Acidification

The oceans of the world are man’s greatest oxygen reservoir. As the oceans absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere, free oxygen is displaced by CO2. CO2 in the ocean is carbolic acid, and is easily detected with instruments like pH meters. It’s a known fact that the acid content of our oceans is rapidly increasing, killing off a lot of sea life. This CO2 absorption mechanism also releases oxygen from the oceans for man to breathe.

Since the oceans are continuously giving off oxygen, scientists are unaware that there is an oxygen depletion catastrophe around the corner that is going to kill people in the billions. A rapid rise in ocean acidification results in a rapid rise in free oxygen being delivered to man’s breathable atmosphere.

Once oxygen content is nearly depleted, the breathable oxygen percentage will rapidly drop from 19% to about 8-12% globally. This will lead to a rapid dying off of the world’s population through lung disease, cancer, heart disease & general loss of survivability (except those who can buy oxygen).

This is the real ELE (extinction level event) that is in progress right now. The only thing that would help alleviate this problem would be the rapid meltdown of Antarctica. Massive amounts of oxygen have been locked up in polar ice for thousands of years – this is our only other major supply of oxygen.

In reply to the backlash claiming, “We can’t stop using fossil fuels.” we dedicated our R&D decades ago in developing solutions that are able to replace fossil fuels with solar power. Solar energy is thousands of times greater than all fossil fuel supplies.

We can all survive temperature rises through use of the right technologies. No one can survive without oxygen.


Tesla Turbogenerator project video

Tesla Turbogenerator project video

Designed by WorldKar’s Ken Rieli for reliable, low-cost power from renewable energy sources – also adds value to the revolutionary Worldkar hybrid-electric powertrain.
Watch this latest YouTube video at http://youtu.be/fsDrmMjWe9k

The Midnight Hour Approaches

RIA NovostiVladimir Putin overseeing the previous snap check in July 2013Putin Checks Readiness of Russia’s Nuclear Deterrent

18:29 30/10/2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw a snap check Wednesday of Russia’s nuclear deterrent, aerospace defenses and strategic aviation.>>

We’re getting prepared to survive, and survive well. Are you?

It’s not too late to invest in your own off-grid heat & power solution – get your copy of the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD.

Energy Mining in Keweenaw County

In the early days of copper mining in Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula, energy costs were “make or break” factors. After the mining companies stripped the once “inexhaustible” forest resources, they began importing Pennsylvania coal to power their operations. Ultimately, the cost of deep mining, combined with speculators & rising labor costs, drove this once great industry out of the Copper Country.

Today the mines are memories of past glory, but local residents still import fossil fuel energy – and are increasingly looking for less expensive renewable energy solutions. Here in Michigan, there are record numbers of utility shut-offs – mostly affecting people on fixed incomes.

The time has come to resurrect some of the 400+ abandoned Keweenaw mines, only this time to use as geothermal storage banks for solar district heating systems (SDHS).

PNGinc has the turbomachinery technology that makes this renewable energy solution affordable for economically-challenged areas. However, we insist on keeping the SDHS utility democratically-owned. Only nonprofit utilities will be able to keep energy costs low.

Are you with us?

Beyond Sandy – DIY personal power generation in non-crisis mode

Loss of grid power caused by monster hurricanes is an in-your-face reminder of how important electrical power is to survival in this century. Victims of Hurricane Sandy continue to scramble to keep their portable generators fueled – to supply emergency power for lighting, refrigeration, heating & other necessities that help maintain life & sanity in crises.

As these climate change disaster situations stretch on with dysfunctional government inaction, people are waking up to realize that dependency on centralized utilities is a losing scenario.

Michigan inventor Ken Rieli is demonstrating new forms of energy, transportation & fuels through the New Turbine Workshop online educational center (http://newturbine.phoenixnavigation.com) and WorldKar Corporation’s (WorldKar.com) democratic industries programs.

Outside the U.S. box, 60% of the world needs a do-it-yourself supply of personal power on a daily basis. DIY plans for low-cost solar turbogenerators, wind turbine generators & biomass-steam power are the focus of Rieli’s strategy to shift the balance of power to a democratic economy based on Free Energy.

Reply to “No such thing as Free Energy”

Referring to the July/August 2012, Volume 96, Number 4 issue of Country Life magazine, I would like to reply to Mr. Jeffery Goss Jr.’s well-written article entitled “There’s no such thing as ‘Free Energy’”.

Allow me to say thank you for much good information regarding energy systems and perpetrators of bogus-scams. Also, please allow me to provide additional information to supplement the references made to Nikola Tesla’s technologies.

Although Nikola himself may not have constructed a complete solar powered energy generating system, many people worldwide ARE doing so, using his turbine technologies (designs) as a major component of their own DIY solar-generator systems. These people are constructing solar troughs and dishes, which heat fluids to rotate Tesla turbines connected to alternators & generators. They combine the solar heat element with biomass, wind and hydro technologies to create multi-fuel, off-grid electric generating systems – capable of producing ample power for home use, industrial applications, and for transportation systems, including but not limited to electric cars.

Tesla turbine generators operate at much higher efficiency levels than PV technology is capable of producing, and cost less to construct. They also are not dependent upon expensive batteries, but rather are capable of operating with inexpensive off-the-shelf batteries.

Tesla turbine technology can be applied to even the most demanding use such as the aircraft jet engine industry, to produce a turbine engine that:

  • Is capable of unlimited life-cycle
  • Becomes more efficient with use, rather than less efficient
  • Produces an exhaust that is cleaner than its intake air supply, re-nourishing the oxygen content of our air & contributing to the “repair” of the ozone layer

It is incorrect to state that radiant energy and Tesla technology cannot power a whole house after witnessing working units presently being used around the world, and on display in the Tesla museum. Those who have not witnessed these working units are excused of incorrect statements due to their lack of experience & are hereby openly welcomed to visit the phoenixnavigation.com educational center. Projects underway at the online New Turbine Workshop include a pressurized gas Tesla turbine (steam & refrigerant fluids) combined heat & power system.

The company’s disc turbine technology is soon to be installed into a hybrid-electric car projected to achieve 90+ MPG of fuel with an unlimited range of operation. General Motors attempted to utilize this exact hybrid design by hiring graduate engineers from Michigan Technological University who had studied the design. GM only succeeded in creating an overly-complex and much flawed vehicle called “The Volt”, instead of utilizing a simpler Tesla technology.

Free do-it-yourself information and how-to build plans for Tesla turbine generating systems are available from PNGinc at their Phoenix Turbine Builders Club at www.phoenixnavigation.com/ptbc

Steven Lee