Oxygen Cure for Cancer

Man has created his own ELE (Extinction Level Event) by burning off too much oxygen. We have already lost more than 1/5 of Earth’s atmospheric oxygen worldwide – nearly 25% in our lifetime.

More than a billion fossil fuel-burning cars worldwide are roaring down the roads, ingesting oxygen in the air & leaving a dead zone behind. Coal power plants dirty the air with lead, uranium, cadmium & other toxins. Industrial polluters, corporate agriculture, shipping companies, airlines, government agencies & 7 billion humans are mindlessly destroying oxygen on a daily basis.

This has resulted in a huge rate increase in the worst diseases – cancer in children, heart disease, COPD. Oxygen is needed for the health of every cell in our bodies – and is the ENEMY OF CANCER.

One solution to this ELE problem is to reverse oxygen depletion through personal oxygen-generating solar heat & power stations. Ken Rieli’s solar turbogenerator is the key to implementation. You can purchase plans & build your own turbogenerator for such a system HERE.

The ultimate solution, however, is to replace all piston engines in the global vehicle fleet with the Engine that Cleans the Air. This is Ken’s greatest technical development, an infinite-life turbine engine that never needs to be melted down – and cleans the toxic exhaust of other engines.

Ken’s PDT pulse detonation turbine is in prototype at WorldKar Corporation.


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