Self-sustainability through God’s Free Energy & Fuel

Christians powered by the Sun
The only real Christians are powered by the Sun! Let us show you how at the New Turbine Workshop!

The first step in our creation of a Christian socialist eco-village is to align ourselves with God.

Look around at God’s abundance! Sun, wind, biomass & geothermal fire – these clean energy resources must be the foundation of a decentralized lifestyle.

The motivation for this move is the ever-increasing Satanic influence that comes with dependency on centralism. The solution is to take personal responsibility for our own survival – and to share how-to with others who seek the Light. Create eco-villages that are sustainable through Liberty technologies.

It’s worth any cost to become empowered by the Sun.


Reply to “No such thing as Free Energy”

Referring to the July/August 2012, Volume 96, Number 4 issue of Country Life magazine, I would like to reply to Mr. Jeffery Goss Jr.’s well-written article entitled “There’s no such thing as ‘Free Energy’”.

Allow me to say thank you for much good information regarding energy systems and perpetrators of bogus-scams. Also, please allow me to provide additional information to supplement the references made to Nikola Tesla’s technologies.

Although Nikola himself may not have constructed a complete solar powered energy generating system, many people worldwide ARE doing so, using his turbine technologies (designs) as a major component of their own DIY solar-generator systems. These people are constructing solar troughs and dishes, which heat fluids to rotate Tesla turbines connected to alternators & generators. They combine the solar heat element with biomass, wind and hydro technologies to create multi-fuel, off-grid electric generating systems – capable of producing ample power for home use, industrial applications, and for transportation systems, including but not limited to electric cars.

Tesla turbine generators operate at much higher efficiency levels than PV technology is capable of producing, and cost less to construct. They also are not dependent upon expensive batteries, but rather are capable of operating with inexpensive off-the-shelf batteries.

Tesla turbine technology can be applied to even the most demanding use such as the aircraft jet engine industry, to produce a turbine engine that:

  • Is capable of unlimited life-cycle
  • Becomes more efficient with use, rather than less efficient
  • Produces an exhaust that is cleaner than its intake air supply, re-nourishing the oxygen content of our air & contributing to the “repair” of the ozone layer

It is incorrect to state that radiant energy and Tesla technology cannot power a whole house after witnessing working units presently being used around the world, and on display in the Tesla museum. Those who have not witnessed these working units are excused of incorrect statements due to their lack of experience & are hereby openly welcomed to visit the educational center. Projects underway at the online New Turbine Workshop include a pressurized gas Tesla turbine (steam & refrigerant fluids) combined heat & power system.

The company’s disc turbine technology is soon to be installed into a hybrid-electric car projected to achieve 90+ MPG of fuel with an unlimited range of operation. General Motors attempted to utilize this exact hybrid design by hiring graduate engineers from Michigan Technological University who had studied the design. GM only succeeded in creating an overly-complex and much flawed vehicle called “The Volt”, instead of utilizing a simpler Tesla technology.

Free do-it-yourself information and how-to build plans for Tesla turbine generating systems are available from PNGinc at their Phoenix Turbine Builders Club at

Steven Lee

Satanic Destruction of Self-sustaining Communities

After viewing the PBS documentary “Alaskan Gold”, suddenly the picture became very clear. The question was asked – If there are so many more mines all around the world producing copper, and the proposed mine in the salmon-sensitive bay area is not really necessary, why do they want to go through with the mining project?

The answer is crystal clear. Satan, through his people the Jews and their big business structures, is destroying all independent sources of food, water, utilities & transportation.

By destroying the world’s only large source of wild salmon, people must go to centralist Jewish monopolies for fish farm salmon.

By fracking for gas on a widespread global level, the kikes are systematically destroying our only source of fresh ground water.

It is Satan’s plan to enslave every person on the planet through taxation and ever-increasing costs on the necessities of life. It’s gotten to the point that people have to shut up and spend all their time chasing ever-decreasing amounts of capital to try to pay for ever-increasing costs of supply.

That is why our personal power work is so important. By making God’s people free from satanic centralism, only Jewish stooges and their cattle will fall under the devil’s control.

The worst part of the devilish program is the U.S. dual militarism program. The U.S. political devils send evil U.S. troops to other countries to murder & rob the people of their resources, while using internal security agents and now the U.S. military to subjugate the American people without due process.

Bite it, Barclays

The Barclay scandal proves that the vertical economy of the rich can never be fixed, regulated or even improved. Corruption in global finance & government is too pervasive.

Any government that is so obviously a lackey of banking systems will never exercise power to regulate criminal activities – a situation going on here in the USA. It has become routine for the FDIC to bailout any bank with a too-big-to-fail hand out, and this practice quickly spread to other nations…

As long as 7 billion people continue to support this criminal collusion, financial reforms amount to a band-aid on a mortal wound.

The solution is to cut off their fix ($). Start at the bottom to convert from big business centralized economics to a horizontal neighbor-to-neighbor economy. With a horizontal economy, when one domino goes down, the rest stay standing.

The airwaves & internet are full of cheerleaders frantically trying to inspire the masses into believe in a failing system. Why? Lack of faith in banks & government-by-the-rich means no more support for war profiteers & internal spying agencies. – These are the biggest expenditures for the U.S. government & taxpayer panic would tremendously benefit the Peacemakers.

Frankly, it is illegal to use government-funded depositor’s money to support gambling, fraud, extortion & raw corporate greed– so NO MORE BANK BAILOUTS! Let them go down.

Since 80% of the people no longer trust government or banks, it’s time for them to walk away & create a new system outside the corruption. As Jesus explicitly taught his followers, God’s people operate on principles of sharing, not greed.

The eternally-unchangeable vertical economy needs to be destroyed & displaced with a workable system that is just for all. This can only happen when every individual refuses to support the old guard & works on a local socialist economy.

NDAA, Torture & the Supreme Judge

As I was tracking down information on the new National Defense Authorization Act – which allows the U.S. military to detain indefinitely anyone who “substantially supports” Islamic terrorist organizations – I ran across a great article by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. (“On Memorial Day Weekend, America Reckons with Torture” at

Journalists & advocates won a federal court case that overturned the attack on civil liberties, but the House of Representatives thumbed their noses at the decision two days later. The article stimulated the little gray cells:

It is unavoidably obvious that the federal government is overflowing with liars & cheats who cower behind the veil of Homeland Security. They are bold in their acts, which now include torture & eternal imprisonment of anyone who stands up for Freedom of Speech, the U.S. Constitution and true Christianity.

This abuse of power pushes the limits of immorality in condemning citizens who expose their dirty deeds – or even express an opinion that contradicts government-sponsored torture in their wars for oil.

In judicial proceedings around the world, withholding evidence, perjury and contempt of court carry serious penalties. On the home front, elected officials don’t even blush at breaking international laws – why should they begin telling the truth or holding public hearings?

In my decades of life on this planet I have seen liars, cheats, tyrants & rabid human animals reap the rewards of their evil deeds. Without question, this generation of greed-filled vipers in federal government, and the troops who commit atrocities in the name of security, will be judged & found guilty of war crimes.

Whether the Great Judge uses Russian nukes or civilian uprisings or astronomical intervention, there will be absolute & eternal justice. In the meantime, I’ll continue to exercise my Free Speech and human rights.

WorldKar drastically lowers the cost of powertrains

WorldKar Corporation is ready to put the world back to work – building the greenest products on the planet. Decades of clean technology development by WorldKar’s founder, Ken Rieli, form the foundation for new manufacturing opportunities in global power & transportation industries.

Standing on his impressive history of innovation, which began with the world’s first lunar rover tire design, Ken takes aim at the fossil fuel cartel. “We can cut global pollution by 90% while doubling product sales & consumption,” says Rieli.  “The way to defeat the poisoning of our planet is by manufacturing & selling superior pro-environment products.”

One technology in WorldKar’s arsenal that will tackle urban pollution head-on is a very low-cost turbine-hybrid powertrain that drastically lowers the cost of hybrid-electric cars.

The turbine engine that Rieli developed for this ultra-efficient powertrain actually cleans the incoming air of toxic particles – a crucial part of his strategy for cutting vehicle emissions by 90% as developing countries double cars on the roads.

In addition to the combustion engine, WorldKar’s powertrain also includes advanced hybrid electrical generator/motors & power controller.

Now is the time for manufacturers to prepare for the stampede to products that will help consumers survive the high cost of living.  WorldKar Corporation works with manufacturers, suppliers & investor groups to introduce new products, expand product lines, retrofit vehicles & create new industries based on the company’s clean technology.

A visit to WorldKar online is a journey to the Space Age.

Tesla Motors – Promoting the “zero emissions” EV myth

There is a debate over at the Tesla Motors forum that I was initially tempted to jump into. – Someone questioned why the company never incorporated Nikola Tesla’s “greatest invention”, the Tesla turbine, into their product line.

A bit of history. We contacted them about this while their company was still in diapers. No response. After reading some of their defensive comments on the forum, the reason for their silence is obvious.

For one thing, they claim that EV’s are “zero emissions” vehicles. Far from it. With the growing global dependence on unsustainable, DIRTY coal power, only a religious nutcase can make that claim. (See our “EV Hoax” page.)

Our R&D company (PNGinc) has prototyped a hyper-efficient pulse detonation turbine based on decades of Tesla-type turbine development that can CLEAN the air as it operates.

And our manufacturing company (WorldKar Corporation) is now offering a range-extending turbogenerator package to EV & hybrid electric car companies.

Nikola Tesla, who envisioned hybrid electric cars as the solution for a polluted world, would be proud. – And “hats off” to the valiant attempt by a few guys at the Tesla Motors forum to reason with their “experts”.