NDAA, Torture & the Supreme Judge

As I was tracking down information on the new National Defense Authorization Act – which allows the U.S. military to detain indefinitely anyone who “substantially supports” Islamic terrorist organizations – I ran across a great article by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. (“On Memorial Day Weekend, America Reckons with Torture” at http://billmoyers.com/category/on-democracy/)

Journalists & advocates won a federal court case that overturned the attack on civil liberties, but the House of Representatives thumbed their noses at the decision two days later. The article stimulated the little gray cells:

It is unavoidably obvious that the federal government is overflowing with liars & cheats who cower behind the veil of Homeland Security. They are bold in their acts, which now include torture & eternal imprisonment of anyone who stands up for Freedom of Speech, the U.S. Constitution and true Christianity.

This abuse of power pushes the limits of immorality in condemning citizens who expose their dirty deeds – or even express an opinion that contradicts government-sponsored torture in their wars for oil.

In judicial proceedings around the world, withholding evidence, perjury and contempt of court carry serious penalties. On the home front, elected officials don’t even blush at breaking international laws – why should they begin telling the truth or holding public hearings?

In my decades of life on this planet I have seen liars, cheats, tyrants & rabid human animals reap the rewards of their evil deeds. Without question, this generation of greed-filled vipers in federal government, and the troops who commit atrocities in the name of security, will be judged & found guilty of war crimes.

Whether the Great Judge uses Russian nukes or civilian uprisings or astronomical intervention, there will be absolute & eternal justice. In the meantime, I’ll continue to exercise my Free Speech and human rights.


WorldKar drastically lowers the cost of powertrains

WorldKar Corporation is ready to put the world back to work – building the greenest products on the planet. Decades of clean technology development by WorldKar’s founder, Ken Rieli, form the foundation for new manufacturing opportunities in global power & transportation industries.

Standing on his impressive history of innovation, which began with the world’s first lunar rover tire design, Ken takes aim at the fossil fuel cartel. “We can cut global pollution by 90% while doubling product sales & consumption,” says Rieli.  “The way to defeat the poisoning of our planet is by manufacturing & selling superior pro-environment products.”

One technology in WorldKar’s arsenal that will tackle urban pollution head-on is a very low-cost turbine-hybrid powertrain that drastically lowers the cost of hybrid-electric cars.

The turbine engine that Rieli developed for this ultra-efficient powertrain actually cleans the incoming air of toxic particles – a crucial part of his strategy for cutting vehicle emissions by 90% as developing countries double cars on the roads.

In addition to the combustion engine, WorldKar’s powertrain also includes advanced hybrid electrical generator/motors & power controller.

Now is the time for manufacturers to prepare for the stampede to products that will help consumers survive the high cost of living.  WorldKar Corporation works with manufacturers, suppliers & investor groups to introduce new products, expand product lines, retrofit vehicles & create new industries based on the company’s clean technology.

A visit to WorldKar online is a journey to the Space Age.

Tesla Motors – Promoting the “zero emissions” EV myth

There is a debate over at the Tesla Motors forum that I was initially tempted to jump into. – Someone questioned why the company never incorporated Nikola Tesla’s “greatest invention”, the Tesla turbine, into their product line.

A bit of history. We contacted them about this while their company was still in diapers. No response. After reading some of their defensive comments on the forum, the reason for their silence is obvious.

For one thing, they claim that EV’s are “zero emissions” vehicles. Far from it. With the growing global dependence on unsustainable, DIRTY coal power, only a religious nutcase can make that claim. (See our “EV Hoax” page.)

Our R&D company (PNGinc) has prototyped a hyper-efficient pulse detonation turbine based on decades of Tesla-type turbine development that can CLEAN the air as it operates.

And our manufacturing company (WorldKar Corporation) is now offering a range-extending turbogenerator package to EV & hybrid electric car companies.

Nikola Tesla, who envisioned hybrid electric cars as the solution for a polluted world, would be proud. – And “hats off” to the valiant attempt by a few guys at the Tesla Motors forum to reason with their “experts”.


How the Fossil Fuel Cartel Killed the Global Economy

In the period between the late 1960’s and today, prices for nearly everything rose 10 times. The exception was in the area of liquid fuels for heating & transportation – they rose 20 times.

How did this tip the world into economic depression? In 2007, oil prices shot up to $150 per barrel due to greed speculation. Suddenly, Everyday Joe had to choose what to pay for. Fuel to get work came in first, food & utilities next – which left no money for mortgage payments.

Ordinarily the Kikes poll the public to see how far they can push the price of commodities up without breaking the bank. The avalanche occurred when rampant greed took over & resulted in record defaults. – In 2008, under Bush the Idiot & Cheney the Greedy, the U.S. economy collapsed and took down the rest of the world.

Proclamations of a so-called U.S. recovery is an outright lie by government/industry propagandists who hope to stimulate borrowing & spending. Corporate profits are temporarily up right now because big Biz is overcharging customers for goods & underpaying their employees.

The real state of the global economy can be seen by escalating unemployment numbers around the world.

The only way out of this fix is through Free Energy. When a “critical mass” of people build their own Free Energy systems & there’s a glut of renewable fuel & electricity – then the Wall Street speculators can’t do their dirty deeds.

We are putting the power of self-determination into the hands of real people by showing them how to build very high tech solar systems that eliminate the high cost of fuels, for pennies on the dollar. By producing your own heat & power, you too can set yourself free from high energy costs of metered, fossil fuel energy. (Check out the New Turbine Workshop at http://newturbine.phoenixnavigation.com)

The time to act is now. If you don’t become energy self-sufficient, you will always be a slave to the energy cartel that wrecked the planet.


The Latter Days of Nuclear Energy

Green energy forums have been dominated by pro-nuclear discussions of late – with a detectable pattern of cartel-speak. The arguments generally portray nuclear power as a venerable, low-cost, zero-carbon savior as opposed to “high priced”, “unproven” renewable energy alternatives such as solar thermal, solar PV, wind and biomass/geothermal. – Nothing could be further from the truth.

Brothers & sisters, here are a few revelations about the fast-approaching last days of costly, dirty nuke plants:

Real-world reactor operating life – Average age before reactors are decommissioned is 22 years, not 40 as nuclear proponents testify. In fact, there has been no net increase in the total number of plants for 20 years .

Non-competitive price per kWh – The official price per kWh is grossly underestimated. Reactor construction costs frequently run 300% over budget. Dismantling & nuclear waste disposal costs are deliberately quoted as being lower than reality. If these factors were considered in the price per kWh equation, nuclear energy couldn’t compete against any other resource.

Looming shortage of uranium fuel – Here’s a shocker: Every tenth kWh of nuke-generated electricity comes from former Soviet Union warheads. Since the 1990’s, uranium consumption has been higher than production. Today 40% of demand is drawn from “reserves” (dismantled nuclear weapons). – Uranium reserves will be exhausted in 10 years.

CO2 balance -It takes enormous amounts of energy to mine low-grade uranium. Only Canada possesses deposits of ore-grade of 1 percent. In other countries, ore grades are 0.1% (two thirds of countries have only 0.06% grade ore). If ore grade falls to 0.02% the carbon balance boasted of by the cartel becomes negative.

Uranium fuel prices skyrocketing – Between 2000 and 2007, spot pricing for uranium oxide soared from USD $7 per pound to USD $130 per pound. Experts predict much higher prices as uranium reserves peak.

These little-known facts pretty much nail down the lid on nuclear energy’s coffin, and make the “zero CO2” nuclear power gospel irrelevant.

It’s time to embrace the real solutions. “And of the kingdom of the Sun there shall be no end.” Solar thermal power is now cheaper than coal, and ready to be installed even down to the home level.

I know this to be a fact because I’m sitting here looking at one of our low-cost, infinite-life solar steam/ORC turbine alternators. We just announced batch manufacturing of these components for manufacturers/systems integrators in the RE industry. Www.phoenixnavigation.com

After 10 years of R&D, this CSP-enabler is ready for the takeover of a world in desperate need of Free Energy.


Call to Arms: Why it’s imperative to move now.

As a planet, we have destroyed the foundation for good health. The oxygen content in our once-rich atmosphere is under daily assault and there is not a single healthy human being or animal on Earth that is truly healthy. At this point in time, we are furiously destroying the last vestiges of clean air, clean water and clean food necessary for a growing global population.

Rising pollution-induced death rates & chronic disease is directly attributable to mismanagement of resources by a greed-based government/industry cartel. In spite of undeniable reports, investigations and eye-witness testimony, the world is accelerating its unsustainable activities – and governments are now funding the very industries that are killing us.

The WorldKar™ enterprise is more than a “green” company capitalizing on market opportunities. We began WorldKar™ with the realization that nothing short of economic warfare on polluters will begin to halt the extinction-level event that looms on the horizon.

The time to act is NOW. Join us in shifting consumer spending to clean technologies: high eficiency vehicles, and free energy from the Sun.


150 MPG WorldKar. Not coal-EV’s.

Everywhere I look, the myths of “clean electric” vehicles & PHEV’s propagate
themselves like an agressive virus. Startup car companies and Oldie Moldies like GM, Ford, etc. boast about “zero emissions” battery power propelling cars down the road at unbelievable “gallon equivalents”.  Bloggers repeat the error, not reporting that hybrids are actually much cleaner than EV’s charged by coal-fired utilities or nuke plants, which both emit toxic metals, radioactive particles & foul the planet.

Our company has proven 90+ MPG HEV powertrain technology that costs the same or less than standard drivetrains. Our power management system was verified at 45 MPG in gridlock (stop & go) driving and 90 MPG highway, on combustible fuels.

And that’s before we factor in our Pulse Detonation Turbine engine that boosts MPG’s to 150 as it cleans toxins from the incoming air! We figure that 90 MPG is the MINIMUM needed to begin rolling back global air pollution – something not possible with EV’s or battery-powered PHEV’s.

Green investors, potential franchise assembler/dealers & those who are truly interested in cleaning our air are invited to visit http://www.WorldKar.com for details about our under $10K all-terrain commuter kit car and the engine that cleans the air as it operates.