PHEV’s, bad idea for unsustainable U.S.

PHEV’s (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) are on my ‘hit list’. So many naive do-gooders promote this technology as the next great salvation for the planet – with only a casual reference to its destructive consequences.

The reason PHEV’s are a bad idea is simple. They will significantly increase air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as the world’s vehicle fleet more than doubles in this century.

Very few people know, or care to know, where their electricity comes from. In the U.S., 86% of the 101 quadrillion BTUs of energy used in 2005 came from fossil fuels. A sizeable chunk (23%) was pumped out by dirty, coal-fired plants. And, as we speak, more R&D dollars are being sought for the exploitation of the U.S. coal bonanza.

In spite of widespread scientific consensus that there is no way on God’s green earth to cleanly burn coal, petroleum products or radioactive materials, the global energy cartel continues on its reckless course.

Politicians, industry, investors – they hear only the clamor of consumers for more energy, more gadgets, more consumption & more mobility. To them, that means money and/or votes – and to hell with major changes in the electric utility infrastructure.

It reminds me of a line from a favorite Bogart movie: “What does Rocko want? Rocko wants MORE.”

By 2020, no major changes in the U.S. energy landscape will have occurred. Outside it’s a different picture. The rest of the world is already looking for answers not found in the energy cartel’s bag of tricks. Solar-to-hydrogen projects and fuels switching programs are underway in many countries.

Soon they’ll be telling the U.S. to “eat my dust” as they cruise down the road in their high-efficiency hybrid cars, powered by our Phoenix Turbines.