A dying planet killing endangered species – here’s a better solution

Whether it’s the harmless, insect-eating Pangolins, black rhinos or chimpanzees, fake cancer cures are driving species to extinction. Out-of-control cancer rates in humans are caused by a toxic environment – and WorldKar is the only car that can save this dying world.

  1. WorldKar is 9 times cleaner burning than any known vehicle, cleaning toxic air in pollution-choked cities.
  2. Build it once – WorldKar lasts 1,000 years. No recycling pollution from crushing vehicles & reprocessing metals in coal-fired furnaces.
  3. Retrofitting WorldKar’s drivetains with any automotive body, old or new, will move the world ahead much faster on the road to better health.



Cleaning our poisonous air

WorldKar HEV drivetrain – Proven to stop 90% of urban vehicle exhaust pollution!

WorldKar Corporation builds on a history of innovation that goes back to the lunar rover.

In 2005 WorldKar CEO Ken Rieli worked with a senior design team from Michigan Technological University (Houghton, MI) to establish a new global efficiency milestone for urban hybrids. Focusing on the urban gridlock situation as the most inefficient driving cycle, the team proved that Rieli’s hybrid-electric drivetrain design was 9 times more efficient that traditional drives.

It’s time to MOVE ASIDE, automakers! Your cars & trucks are choking the world with cancer-causing, climate-changing exhaust chemicals – and we intend to manufacture our way back to HEALTH, WEALTH & FREEDOM!

CO2 monster on the loose


In my lifetime, “the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is nearly 100 times larger than it was at the end of the last ice age.” That CO2, in the process, depleted the oxygen that protects us all from cancer & disease.

WorldKar Corporation is dead serious about shifting the balance of manufacturing power to countries that recognize value in our Engine of the 21st century – the ONLY engine that can restore oxygen & breathable air to planet Earth.

Our largest oxygen reservoir is under attack by fossil fuel burning

The most catastrophic health disaster in man’s history is right around the corner. Man’s ever-increasing use of coal, NG & other fossil fuels is the major cause of ocean acidification.

Global Warming’s Evil Twin: Ocean Acidification

The oceans of the world are man’s greatest oxygen reservoir. As the oceans absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere, free oxygen is displaced by CO2. CO2 in the ocean is carbolic acid, and is easily detected with instruments like pH meters. It’s a known fact that the acid content of our oceans is rapidly increasing, killing off a lot of sea life. This CO2 absorption mechanism also releases oxygen from the oceans for man to breathe.

Since the oceans are continuously giving off oxygen, scientists are unaware that there is an oxygen depletion catastrophe around the corner that is going to kill people in the billions. A rapid rise in ocean acidification results in a rapid rise in free oxygen being delivered to man’s breathable atmosphere.

Once oxygen content is nearly depleted, the breathable oxygen percentage will rapidly drop from 19% to about 8-12% globally. This will lead to a rapid dying off of the world’s population through lung disease, cancer, heart disease & general loss of survivability (except those who can buy oxygen).

This is the real ELE (extinction level event) that is in progress right now. The only thing that would help alleviate this problem would be the rapid meltdown of Antarctica. Massive amounts of oxygen have been locked up in polar ice for thousands of years – this is our only other major supply of oxygen.

In reply to the backlash claiming, “We can’t stop using fossil fuels.” we dedicated our R&D decades ago in developing solutions that are able to replace fossil fuels with solar power. Solar energy is thousands of times greater than all fossil fuel supplies.

We can all survive temperature rises through use of the right technologies. No one can survive without oxygen.

The Big Picture that Wiki Leaks missed

In the early days of the internet, we downloaded a DOD document about the “have’s and have not’s”. The document outlined the federal government’s plan to conduct urban warfare in order to quell inevitable riots by the “have not’s”. There was no mention of using the might & power of the U.S. government to provide for the general welfare in order to prevent the rich from causing economic devastation in the name of “free enterprise”.

The satanic doctrines found in this document are not confined to the U.S. government. An example that leaps to mind: the Moron, Donald Trump. In 2012 the “director” began ravaging sensitive dunes along Scotland’s shoreline. Steam rollering over the opposition, he harassed local homeowners who refused to sell out to his God-awful international golf course. According to “Director, You’re Trumped” (aired on Moyers & Company in 2012), he first stopped the flow of water to homeowner wells, then sent police thugs to throw a documentarist covering the story into a Scottish jail…

This is only a minor example of environmental crimes perpetrated by the top 1% “elite”. Those who systematically plunder & pollute are the “have’s”, and they are rapidly eliminating God’s natural resources from the reach of the poor. These crimes range from water/oil/mineral wars that displace whole communities & leave a legacy of childhood cancer, to poisoning the very air we breathe.

It’s time to pull the plug on support for government-aided rich-class crimes against humanity. The key to cutting off their $fix$ is to join the movement to establish Christian socialism – “have not’s” working together to produce their own power, food, clean water, and industries based on God’s abundance.
Self-sufficiency is the cornerstone on which to build a sustainable lifestyle that does not include the “have’s” – and only Christian sharing of resources will liberate the world.