WorldKar sign-ups rolling along

Latest comments from a Michigan-based WorldKar Supplier/Assembler Dealer sign-up:

I am very interested in what you are working on and would like to learn more. I am developing a platform that will help the small guy compete in the global economy. I have worked for multiple service providers in the auto industry and their suppliers. I have also worked for the company that manages their supplier portal.

To all who consider joining WorldKar Corporation’s automotive revolution – these words from WorldKar’s CEO Ken Rieli charts our course:

All of our work is based on one simple principle: change comes only from the bottom – not the top. The world is dying of the onset of greed economics, and the answer will be realized only when a global union of democratic workers displaces the uncontrolled greed of capitalist industry, government and economics.

Presently we are working on developing a product to drive down the high cost of utilities here in the U.P., and an automotive platform for a revolutionary hybrid.


WorldKar industrial strategy: By the people, for the people

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Read about WorldKar Corporation‘s industrial strategy for developing countries. Then sign up to become a Supplier or Assembler/Dealer at WorldKar Sign Up.

WorldKar now signing up democratic industrialists

WorldKar CEO Ken Rieli discusses his WorldKar concept with new  Assembler/Dealer program participant Randall Lester.
WorldKar CEO Ken Rieli discusses his WorldKar concept with new Assembler/Dealer program participant Randall Lester.

WorldKar Corporation is now signing up democratic industrialists as the company pushes ahead on prototype builds that will undergo trail tests this year.

WorldKar is a global event. Built on HOT new powertrain technologies, and a decentralized manufacturing strategy, this new “Personal Space Pod” is being prototyped for trail tests in Michigan’s upper peninsula this year.

Like the vehicle itself, the WorldKar Coalition is space-aged & streamlined for maximum efficiency in the emerging horizontal economy. Suppliers, garage-level fabricators and assembler/dealers may now sign up to be first to receive WorldKar plans when they become available.

Democratic industry strategy - component suppliers, car companies, assembler/dealers at all levels, customers
Democratic industry strategy – component suppliers, car companies, assembler/dealers at all levels, customers


Energy Mining in Keweenaw County

In the early days of copper mining in Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula, energy costs were “make or break” factors. After the mining companies stripped the once “inexhaustible” forest resources, they began importing Pennsylvania coal to power their operations. Ultimately, the cost of deep mining, combined with speculators & rising labor costs, drove this once great industry out of the Copper Country.

Today the mines are memories of past glory, but local residents still import fossil fuel energy – and are increasingly looking for less expensive renewable energy solutions. Here in Michigan, there are record numbers of utility shut-offs – mostly affecting people on fixed incomes.

The time has come to resurrect some of the 400+ abandoned Keweenaw mines, only this time to use as geothermal storage banks for solar district heating systems (SDHS).

PNGinc has the turbomachinery technology that makes this renewable energy solution affordable for economically-challenged areas. However, we insist on keeping the SDHS utility democratically-owned. Only nonprofit utilities will be able to keep energy costs low.

Are you with us?

Four do-able solutions to survive the collapse of capitalism

This article was generated in response to a Bill Moyers interview: Richard Wolff on Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages – February 22, 2013. Bill Moyers asked “What would you do?” in regard to the collapse of capitalism.

As a member of a team that is educating people about the incredible potential of global Democratic Economics, I offer four do-able solutions:

  1. Immediately instate a graduated income tax. – Use government revenues obtained from the rich to create Personal Industries.
  2. Disengage from big biz/government & move to a Democratic Economy where the lower half of the pyramid drives job creation, trade & local growth.
  3. Shift manufacturing & all business to individuals & small shops that form the foundation of global Democratic Economies.
  4. Pull together into self-governing & sustainable intentional communities that truly provide an alternative pathway to success.

We discovered in the 1970’s that in Switzerland it was illegal to be poor, homeless or to beg on the streets. They actually set people up in places to live at that time! – This is the true function of government: to provide for both the common defense & the general welfare.

Up here in Michigan’s upper peninsula, people have a history of creating economic stability on the low-end of society. It’s now a matter of building a new economy on that stability. – For our part, we are restructuring our company to empower personal industries with free & low-cost detailed technical plans: renewable power generating turbines, personal vehicles & more.

There are 7 billion solution-generators on this planet that need to become responsible for their own destinies. That means a complete overhaul & overthrow of greed-centric governments & industries that cling to the last fragments of a failed economic model.