Coal-EV’s are NOT the answer


It’s not only an illegitimate President with the mind of a 5-year old who has grand delusions – many environmentally concerned citizens are in need of a dose of reality. Electric vehicles have “tailpipes” connected to dirty coal plants, not renewable energy producers.

Our planet can’t wait for the fossil fuel cartel to fade away! Join WorldKar Corporation in taking back our health!


WorldKar industrial strategy: By the people, for the people

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Cutting China’s air pollution NOW

WorldKar series hybrid drive
Cuts stop & go traffic pollution in half

WorldKar Corporation is currently developing its turbine engine – the Engine that Cleans the Air – aimed at BRICS manufacturers who need to supply GREEN vehicles to a growing mobile population.

In the meantime, the WorldKar drivetrain alone has been proven by a USA university to cut fuel consumption in gridlock traffic driving. Visit WorldKar Corporation online

God to Earth people: Your emissions are out of control

Planetary CO2 emissions create uninhabitable planets
WorldKar’s engine cleans the air!

Learn about the Engine that Cleans the air at

WorldKar drastically lowers the cost of powertrains

WorldKar Corporation is ready to put the world back to work – building the greenest products on the planet. Decades of clean technology development by WorldKar’s founder, Ken Rieli, form the foundation for new manufacturing opportunities in global power & transportation industries.

Standing on his impressive history of innovation, which began with the world’s first lunar rover tire design, Ken takes aim at the fossil fuel cartel. “We can cut global pollution by 90% while doubling product sales & consumption,” says Rieli.  “The way to defeat the poisoning of our planet is by manufacturing & selling superior pro-environment products.”

One technology in WorldKar’s arsenal that will tackle urban pollution head-on is a very low-cost turbine-hybrid powertrain that drastically lowers the cost of hybrid-electric cars.

The turbine engine that Rieli developed for this ultra-efficient powertrain actually cleans the incoming air of toxic particles – a crucial part of his strategy for cutting vehicle emissions by 90% as developing countries double cars on the roads.

In addition to the combustion engine, WorldKar’s powertrain also includes advanced hybrid electrical generator/motors & power controller.

Now is the time for manufacturers to prepare for the stampede to products that will help consumers survive the high cost of living.  WorldKar Corporation works with manufacturers, suppliers & investor groups to introduce new products, expand product lines, retrofit vehicles & create new industries based on the company’s clean technology.

A visit to WorldKar online is a journey to the Space Age.

150 MPG WorldKar. Not coal-EV’s.

Everywhere I look, the myths of “clean electric” vehicles & PHEV’s propagate
themselves like an agressive virus. Startup car companies and Oldie Moldies like GM, Ford, etc. boast about “zero emissions” battery power propelling cars down the road at unbelievable “gallon equivalents”.  Bloggers repeat the error, not reporting that hybrids are actually much cleaner than EV’s charged by coal-fired utilities or nuke plants, which both emit toxic metals, radioactive particles & foul the planet.

Our company has proven 90+ MPG HEV powertrain technology that costs the same or less than standard drivetrains. Our power management system was verified at 45 MPG in gridlock (stop & go) driving and 90 MPG highway, on combustible fuels.

And that’s before we factor in our Pulse Detonation Turbine engine that boosts MPG’s to 150 as it cleans toxins from the incoming air! We figure that 90 MPG is the MINIMUM needed to begin rolling back global air pollution – something not possible with EV’s or battery-powered PHEV’s.

Green investors, potential franchise assembler/dealers & those who are truly interested in cleaning our air are invited to visit for details about our under $10K all-terrain commuter kit car and the engine that cleans the air as it operates.