Micro-wind turbine project update

Micro-wind turbine project update.

Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.

will test their wind generator prototype this month. The project is part of Copperland Corporation’s “Pathway to Economic Freedom” alliance aimed at new industrial growth in Michigan’s Copper Country.


Copper Country Mines

Copper Country Mines.

Ten billion pounds of refined copper per year – this amazing output was recorded at the height of Copper Country production.

From the first mining rush in the mid-1840’s through the historic copper boom days, sliding into a decline until the end of mining activities in 1968, Michigan’s geologically-rich Upper Peninsula mines rode a roller coaster of ups & downs.

Energy Mining in Keweenaw County

In the early days of copper mining in Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula, energy costs were “make or break” factors. After the mining companies stripped the once “inexhaustible” forest resources, they began importing Pennsylvania coal to power their operations. Ultimately, the cost of deep mining, combined with speculators & rising labor costs, drove this once great industry out of the Copper Country.

Today the mines are memories of past glory, but local residents still import fossil fuel energy – and are increasingly looking for less expensive renewable energy solutions. Here in Michigan, there are record numbers of utility shut-offs – mostly affecting people on fixed incomes.

The time has come to resurrect some of the 400+ abandoned Keweenaw mines, only this time to use as geothermal storage banks for solar district heating systems (SDHS).

PNGinc has the turbomachinery technology that makes this renewable energy solution affordable for economically-challenged areas. However, we insist on keeping the SDHS utility democratically-owned. Only nonprofit utilities will be able to keep energy costs low.

Are you with us?