WorldKar sign-ups rolling along

Latest comments from a Michigan-based WorldKar Supplier/Assembler Dealer sign-up:

I am very interested in what you are working on and would like to learn more. I am developing a platform that will help the small guy compete in the global economy. I have worked for multiple service providers in the auto industry and their suppliers. I have also worked for the company that manages their supplier portal.

To all who consider joining WorldKar Corporation’s automotive revolution – these words from WorldKar’s CEO Ken Rieli charts our course:

All of our work is based on one simple principle: change comes only from the bottom – not the top. The world is dying of the onset of greed economics, and the answer will be realized only when a global union of democratic workers displaces the uncontrolled greed of capitalist industry, government and economics.

Presently we are working on developing a product to drive down the high cost of utilities here in the U.P., and an automotive platform for a revolutionary hybrid.


Cutting China’s air pollution NOW

WorldKar series hybrid drive
Cuts stop & go traffic pollution in half

WorldKar Corporation is currently developing its turbine engine – the Engine that Cleans the Air – aimed at BRICS manufacturers who need to supply GREEN vehicles to a growing mobile population.

In the meantime, the WorldKar drivetrain alone has been proven by a USA university to cut fuel consumption in gridlock traffic driving. Visit WorldKar Corporation online

God to Earth people: Your emissions are out of control

Planetary CO2 emissions create uninhabitable planets
WorldKar’s engine cleans the air!

Learn about the Engine that Cleans the air at

WorldKar strategy tackles oxygen depletion through DIY auto industry

WorldKar DIY automotive industry for a healthy planet
Fossil fuel combustion is destroying China’s oxygen & creating severe health problems. WorldKar has the solutions!

If you have the entrepreneurial fire & a desire to liberate the world from pollution & ill health caused by fossil fuel combustion, WorldKar Corporation has the technical know-how and a strategy to put the world to work – through decentralized automotive industry.

Satanic Destruction of Self-sustaining Communities

After viewing the PBS documentary “Alaskan Gold”, suddenly the picture became very clear. The question was asked – If there are so many more mines all around the world producing copper, and the proposed mine in the salmon-sensitive bay area is not really necessary, why do they want to go through with the mining project?

The answer is crystal clear. Satan, through his people the Jews and their big business structures, is destroying all independent sources of food, water, utilities & transportation.

By destroying the world’s only large source of wild salmon, people must go to centralist Jewish monopolies for fish farm salmon.

By fracking for gas on a widespread global level, the kikes are systematically destroying our only source of fresh ground water.

It is Satan’s plan to enslave every person on the planet through taxation and ever-increasing costs on the necessities of life. It’s gotten to the point that people have to shut up and spend all their time chasing ever-decreasing amounts of capital to try to pay for ever-increasing costs of supply.

That is why our personal power work is so important. By making God’s people free from satanic centralism, only Jewish stooges and their cattle will fall under the devil’s control.

The worst part of the devilish program is the U.S. dual militarism program. The U.S. political devils send evil U.S. troops to other countries to murder & rob the people of their resources, while using internal security agents and now the U.S. military to subjugate the American people without due process.