WorldKar industrial strategy: By the people, for the people

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Tax the rich to empower WE the PEOPLE with high-value democratic industry

Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought in a graduated income tax because the rich were holding on to money resources that could have grown the depressed economy. His theory was to put people to work, and fairly distribute the nation’s wealth.

In spite of the perverted twist that Republican elites put on this historical graduated tax, a wise nation will build on this economic theory today. Assuming that the federal government could transform itself from greed-centricity (a BIG leap in illogic), using taxes on the rich to establish millions of small business garage-shop industries is the only way to prevent total economic collapse.

It’s not the national debt that’s crippling the country. Taxes on the upper 10% rich could pay down the debt in a short time. We need to empower people at the bottom with tools they need to participate in democratic industry. And it’s government that needs to “provide for the general welfare” by diverting revenue from bankers & multi-billion $ industrialists to getting “WE the PEOPLE” back on our feet.

Priority one is to train the poor & unemployed in technical skills – machining, welding, craftsmanship. This can’t be accomplished in contemporary colleges & universities, but rather in trade schools, online instruction & community workshops. The goal is to create new low-cost, high-value industries, and stem the tide of generations drowning in debt.

Once trained, and armed with tax-free small business funding, this nation could become a global force in a new democratic economy. – The final step will be to abolish ALL taxation!

Russia’s Black Sea Dilemma, Will the real madman stand up?

Last week I heard a news commentator painting a picture of Russia’s economic collapse, with a madman Putin dictating a dangerous future.

This flies in the face of reality & smacks of irresponsible journalism. Russia’s economy has bounced back from near collapse under former president Yeltsin to become the envy of western governments.

Strong & progressive, Russia is moving forward, ideally without utter reliance on oil & gas resources. – But they will NOT leave behind their Black Sea naval base in the Crimean peninsula.

Kruschev gave Crimea to Ukraine when I was a teenager, overriding Crimean rights. Putin is standing with Crimea – the U.S. is agitating Ukrainian political movers for its own selfish interests.

Very clearly,  right-wing elements within the U.S. are rabidly going up against a very strong, very well-armed superpower – Russia. These are the real madmen. And it’s this satanic activity that’s going to hasten the cataclysmic events prophesied in the book of Revelation.

You’d better list to God today. Revelation 18:4-7


The Big Picture that Wiki Leaks missed

In the early days of the internet, we downloaded a DOD document about the “have’s and have not’s”. The document outlined the federal government’s plan to conduct urban warfare in order to quell inevitable riots by the “have not’s”. There was no mention of using the might & power of the U.S. government to provide for the general welfare in order to prevent the rich from causing economic devastation in the name of “free enterprise”.

The satanic doctrines found in this document are not confined to the U.S. government. An example that leaps to mind: the Moron, Donald Trump. In 2012 the “director” began ravaging sensitive dunes along Scotland’s shoreline. Steam rollering over the opposition, he harassed local homeowners who refused to sell out to his God-awful international golf course. According to “Director, You’re Trumped” (aired on Moyers & Company in 2012), he first stopped the flow of water to homeowner wells, then sent police thugs to throw a documentarist covering the story into a Scottish jail…

This is only a minor example of environmental crimes perpetrated by the top 1% “elite”. Those who systematically plunder & pollute are the “have’s”, and they are rapidly eliminating God’s natural resources from the reach of the poor. These crimes range from water/oil/mineral wars that displace whole communities & leave a legacy of childhood cancer, to poisoning the very air we breathe.

It’s time to pull the plug on support for government-aided rich-class crimes against humanity. The key to cutting off their $fix$ is to join the movement to establish Christian socialism – “have not’s” working together to produce their own power, food, clean water, and industries based on God’s abundance.
Self-sufficiency is the cornerstone on which to build a sustainable lifestyle that does not include the “have’s” – and only Christian sharing of resources will liberate the world.

Industries for a Christian Socialist Economy

At this tipping point in Earth’s climate-energy-health crisis, activists must shift their focus to creating a practical Horizontal Economy based on decentralized industry & personal power.

The fossil fuel-oriented Vertical Economy has come close to permanently destroying our life-support systems. Satanic policies in every government of the world support a handful of rich at the expense of an oppressed population at the base of the economic pyramid.

This is a call to freedom-lovers to drop out of man’s system & join the emerging Christian socialist democracy. Instead of contributing to “trickle down” economics, centralized government/industry dependence, planet-destroying products and greed-based international banking – simply cut off their $fix.

How? Invest everything you presently have into a self-sufficient lifestyle, as far from the sucking vortex of urban sprawl as possible. Generate your own renewable heat & power, grow your own fuel crops, take charge of your own healthcare, and learn how to live better with less.

As idealistic as it sounds, experience has taught us that big problems like global meltdown & economic collapse cannot be solved from the top down. – So WorldKar has developed technologies to empower new garage-level industries that sustain communities outside of the vertical economy.

Our advice to those who want to form sustainable Christian socialist communities:

  • First, read the gospel of John, chapter 3 in the Bible and become born again.
  • Then start learning how to ask God for solutions, and waiting until he answers.

Contact us if you’d like to help build a new world village in our neck of the woods…

Copper Country Mines

Copper Country Mines.

Ten billion pounds of refined copper per year – this amazing output was recorded at the height of Copper Country production.

From the first mining rush in the mid-1840’s through the historic copper boom days, sliding into a decline until the end of mining activities in 1968, Michigan’s geologically-rich Upper Peninsula mines rode a roller coaster of ups & downs.

Four do-able solutions to survive the collapse of capitalism

This article was generated in response to a Bill Moyers interview: Richard Wolff on Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages – February 22, 2013. Bill Moyers asked “What would you do?” in regard to the collapse of capitalism.

As a member of a team that is educating people about the incredible potential of global Democratic Economics, I offer four do-able solutions:

  1. Immediately instate a graduated income tax. – Use government revenues obtained from the rich to create Personal Industries.
  2. Disengage from big biz/government & move to a Democratic Economy where the lower half of the pyramid drives job creation, trade & local growth.
  3. Shift manufacturing & all business to individuals & small shops that form the foundation of global Democratic Economies.
  4. Pull together into self-governing & sustainable intentional communities that truly provide an alternative pathway to success.

We discovered in the 1970’s that in Switzerland it was illegal to be poor, homeless or to beg on the streets. They actually set people up in places to live at that time! – This is the true function of government: to provide for both the common defense & the general welfare.

Up here in Michigan’s upper peninsula, people have a history of creating economic stability on the low-end of society. It’s now a matter of building a new economy on that stability. – For our part, we are restructuring our company to empower personal industries with free & low-cost detailed technical plans: renewable power generating turbines, personal vehicles & more.

There are 7 billion solution-generators on this planet that need to become responsible for their own destinies. That means a complete overhaul & overthrow of greed-centric governments & industries that cling to the last fragments of a failed economic model.